03:10:08 ::: radioShirley presents “DRAG”!


Greetings Shirleyphiles and welcome to another 40 minutes or so of low-fi lovliness!

Regular Shirleyphiles … now there’s a contradiction in terms … will probably
be gagging over our decision to move the old site to a blog format, but my
faithful manservant mr.Kenneth was getting rather tired of managing all that pesky code.
So after talking it over a few shandies we decided to grow up after six years of
bringing you these twisted little shows and join ‘blogdom’. Besides, I also felt
radioShirley was begging for a new coat of war paint, so here it is!!!
And to celebrate the new look, we’ve put together a brand new show all about …
ahem … makeovers!

Inspired by the fabulous photo above of laShirl spotted in the workplace sent
to me by our favourite “rabid Aussie chick” and devoted Shirleyphile, laCass of
Melbourne Australia, mr.K has put together a splendid mix of tunes and sound
bytes that all revolve around the theme of DRAG.

Hiding in this musical make-up kit among other aural delights are Frank Sinatra,
Blondie, Bobbie Gentry, Marc Almond, Taboo, Hermans Hermits, Miss Piggy,
David Rose, New York Dolls, Lorrae Desmond and The Raincoats.
Like a makeup powder made from crushed pearls …. sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?

and as a parting tip, remember …
“any up line, is a young line”

*be smooched*
laShirl and mr.K


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  1. YAY! New Shirl, and a shiny new look! Grabbing it now, can’t wait ~ marvel at your ability to find the wierdest and most wonderful of sounds for us… lorrae desmond?!??!?! Love ~Vic

  2. PierreV

    Woohoo!! We were missing you! And what a fantastic new look! 😀
    Thanks laShirl and mr.K for this great present to start the week end!

  3. radioshirley

    thx ~Vic and PierreV!

    Lorrae Desmond yes! Bet she didn’t sing that song on “A Country Practice”! Enough to turn the milk sour! 🙂

  4. bout flippin time we heard from you lot – i know it takes an age to get ready at our age but really … you’ve made cooking tea tonight something i’m actually looking forward to now it’s got a new soundtrack

    bona lavs duckies

  5. pog

    Thanks ever so much for putting a smile on my face on this rainy-dizzy Saturday morning, dear mr.Ken and laShirl! This show but reveals a whole new meaning to the overused IT phrase drag-and-drop 😉 Like a gingie diva Bowie losing wigs, earrings and make-up? Mmmm even this Blondie song is on the list!!! 😀

    *** smooches ***

  6. radioshirley

    ally … and pray tell what were you cooking up tonight, heartface? A lamb roast perchance?
    You can always count on moi to supply you with tunes to rub your roast to 😉

    and pog … drag and drop! …. you’re too funny! 🙂

    hope you enjoyed
    mr.K & laS

  7. chaiscout

    mrK: Congratulations to you and laAShirl on your new home, it’s fab! And thanks to you both for this overdue installment. Now I know how to trowel it on, courtesy of this most memorable of how-tos! 🙂

  8. moz

    Ain’t that a great suprise on a rainy sunday! Looking good, dears, thank you 🙂

  9. radioshirley

    thx chaiscout and moz!

    Glad you dropped in … and chaiscout … please don’t try those make up tips at home dearest.

    I did … and now I look like Alice Cooper’s worst nightmare!

  10. I’ll be listening to this one on the way home.

    Like the new setup… blog layouts are certainly a much easy option.


  11. I won’t mess around this time.
    I sent you a long rambling letter about how I think your musical choices are other worldly, and I can’t seem to find ANY of the lyrics you provide–beside the obvious ones “DA!”… and though i know I beg on humbled knees, could you please provide a bit of a song title list? I truly enjoy this silly-silly stuff you provide me with. When I tune in your channel, the worlds ordinary problems melt away and I am in a world of “Shirley” where nothing is like what is extruded out of my neighbours’ mouths and always surprises me……. OK-OK, I’m rambling again.
    See ya! :->

  12. radioshirley

    thanks for dropping by bazzil … and yes … though a tad generic … I think the blog thing may be the thing …

    shoe! ya crazy canuck! Thanks again buddy for your kind words … a world of Shirley .. you do us proud! 🙂 … mmm … a song title list is considered once again … I used to do that once upon … but don’t ya dig the element of surprise or “what the kneecaps was Shirl thinking of” moment?

    mr.K (Shirl’s passed out on the couch drooling … but I know she sends you her warmest)

  13. A beautiful white canvass for a beautifully colored Shirley…smooches to you, silly Shirley.

  14. radioshirley

    why thank you mr.F45!

    how fabulous to see you here!

    Some have said the look errs on the side of “A Whiter Shade of Pale” … Very progressive and constructive I must say 😉

    but that’s hippies for you, hey?

    Shirl and Ken

  15. Bob

    I feel so far behind the times Ken.
    I just discovered your new format,
    I like it a lot.
    And simple is good
    Looking forward to some more of your brilliant podcasts
    ciao bob

  16. radioshirley

    no probs Bob …

    I mean … you’re obviously a very busy guy keeping the sounds up and at ’em at the brilliant That Striped Sunlight Sound blog!

    glad you found Shirl and myself hiding over here.


  17. johnny

    Its all Just so…..ohh …… “wonderful” ..and this is where I belong…..

  18. Thank you johnny … settle your cosy self in!

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