21:10:08 ::: radioShirley presents “HOOKED! Vol 1”

Greetings Shirleyphiles and welcome to another 40 minutes or so of low-fi lovliness!

Isn’t music grand? Its pretty much a constant ’round these parts.
Seldom does a day go by without mr.Kenneth or myself slappin’ on a platter and
shakin our bits and pieces to some musical artiste or another.

But from time to time, there are certain songs that no matter how many times
you hear them, you just can’t help yourself from having a Linda Blair moment ….

:::: cue 30 seconds of think music ::::

We’ll stop right there and leave that moment to your imaginations shall we?

Let me give you an example. Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 singing “Batucada”
always does it for me. Right from the opening maracas, I become a complete
ensemble of joyous Latin abandon! Mind you, I have absolutely no idea what
the girls are warbling about but in the privacy of Chez Shirley I can warble along
with the best of them! But I digress because for once, this post is not about moi.

I’ve been watching my faithful manservant rather carefully over the past few weeks
and have noticed that a number of songs in particular have had mr.Kenneth itchin’,
bitchin’ and twitchin’ like a maggot on a hot chop! The usually quiet, reserved and
sometimes petulant dear just loses himself with funny hand dancing, feet shuffling
and derriere wriggling that I swear would make Margaret Thatcher think twice!
Why only last night he dropped a plate when Lisa Stansfield singing “Down in the Depths”
popped up on shuffle mode as he needed two hands to do all the requisite diva actions!
I was aghast! I’ve never seen him quite like that before … and hope I never do again.
I mean, we’re running out of plates!

So I’ve given mr.K the day off to clean up the crockery and have been hard at work
twiddling the knobs to put together a show just to indulge him and you. Its a selection
of some of those sure fire tracks that are known to get the manservant’s man juices flowing.
In the mix are Ohio Express, Herman’s Hermits, Jean Wells, Billy Vaughn and his Orchestra,
Lydia Lunch, Thurl Ravenscroft and Roberta Lee, KC & The Sunshine Band, Honeycone,
Josef K, Russell Morris, Lisa Stansfield, Boomtown Rats, Cilla Black, The American Breed
and to top it off, the white queen of Motown, the superb Miss Chris Clark!

Yes. 15 Fabulous hits from 15 Fabulous artists!

We’d love to hear which tracks get you itchin’ bitchin’ and twitchin, so please let us
know in the comments below! Your suggestions will go into Hooked! Vol 3.

Until next time, take care and play fair

*be smooched*
laShirl and mr.Kenneth


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  1. ib

    Thanks for the link!

  2. radioshirley

    ib … happy to see you here!

    your’s is a fabulous blog!

    stunning and highly evocative image choices … great music and reading I love to pour over …

    not worthy
    mr.K and Shirl

  3. chaiscout

    laShirl, honey, this show is a keeper! (but what am I saying, they *all* are…) Poor mr.K must have lost 10 lbs already “listenin’ and a’twitchin’, and, as we all know, he can scarcely spare it! 🙂

    For Vol. II may I respectfully suggest something from Johnny Cash’s At Folsum Prison, Cocaine Blues, perhaps?

  4. Overhere

    Hello Shirl

    Great to see you in blogland – loving the frequency of the shows in the new format. Good luck with it -definitely one of the great listens in blogspace…

    Love and peace to you and my good friend Mr K

  5. Lucy

    Who’s doing that ‘a wimba-way’ instrumental at 7:15? Luvverly! It’s a twitchy kind of a show alright, and in the best possible way. Thanks, LaShirl! Now, I know you won’t want that manservant of yours to get ideas above his station – but you tell him: he’s an absolute star!

  6. radioshirley

    chaiscout … you’re a keeper too, dearest .. and consider JC’s “Cocaine Blues” included in Vol 2 for you! btw … that’s a very “like gag me with a spoon” Miami Vice kinda choice from you … noice!

    Overhere … glad you found me again! … I do miss your blog and coming from one with such admirable musical taste, I’m touched by your nod of approval … love and peace backatcha from downunder!

    Lucy … that be Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra doing “A Swingin’ Safari” Oh how I played that little 45 rpm over and over as a kidlet. I still love it. Perfect whistling music to tackle the household chores. It just makes the layers of dust, vanish into the thin like magick!

    mr.K getting above his station? It’ll never happen. He’s in the gutter looking at the stars at this very moment! Just the way I like him …


  7. ib

    Hey. Kind words, indeed, mr. K and Shirl.

    Some great names in your mix; especially nice to see Lydia Lunch and Josef K. making appearances, for very different reasons.

    Sergio Mendes & Brasil ‘66 keeps me ‘itchin’ and twitchin'” too.

  8. Sorry Shirl, only just got to this – worth the wait though, it’s bizarrely wonderful as always! You’re spoiling us, having another set together so fast – don’t you work our Mr Kenneth too hard, now!

    Love to you both ~Vic

  9. Hey thanks for this, downloading now.
    I’ll be listening to this on the train in the morning.


  10. radioshirley

    ib … we’ll throw some Sergio into Vol 2 just for you. Thanks for the suggestion.

    ~Vic … glad it was worth the wait, luv. mr.K worked hard? You jest … 😉

    bazzil … you’re welcome … but don’t blame moi if you miss your stop and find yourself out on the Caboolture line! 🙂

    mr.K & laS

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