28:10:08 ::: radioShirley re-presents “Stand and Deliver!”

Greetings Shirleyphiles and welcome to another 30 minutes or so of low-fi lovliness!

Three years ago, we originally dedicated this show to our favourite space brigand
and radioShirley fan, Jane, on her 50th birthday!
And because her birthday has
bubbled to the surface like sumo wrestlers in a mathmos hot tub, we’ve decided
to spin it once more for all the new visitors passing through radioShirley for the
first time …… passing through … now that sounds personal!

But its especially for the birthday gal, Jane! Monster smooches to you my pretty!

Though a re-up, we’ve made a few cosmetic changes, as you do when you reach
our vintage. We’ve kicked off the show with a brand new old tune “A String of Trumpets”
by The Trumpeteers which was sent through via Crispy over at his fabulous soundtrack
blog, reelcool. Crispy suggested that this track was the perfect music for me to
hoover to. All I can say to that is,
“Crispy, if I had something to hoover, we might be getting somewhere.”


Adam & The Ants stamp their tiny ant feet with “Stand and Deliver”, which the
manservant thought suitably brigandish and neuro-dandy. This sort of carry on
sets the pace to the bitter sweet end of the show which concludes with one of
the most outrageously “Delicious” pieces by Phyllis Diller and Jim Backus.
In this track, Phyllis loses it completely to the point where you can clearly hear
her laughing from her own gut, not the character’s! Extraordinarily contagious
and hysterical! I’m Learning to Share has a fantastic piece about Phyllis written
by Alex Haley of “Roots” fame way back in the early 1960’s. So if your a Phyllis
fan like moi, then get on over and have a read and grab some more Killer Diller audio!

Until next time, it’s that moment when we like to throw on a kaftan, move the
furniture out of harms way, and pour something fizzy so we can “Stand and Deliver!”
with Jane and laShirl for the next 30 minutes or so!


*be smooched*
laShirl and mr. Kenneth


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  1. truna

    OMG … shirley, you do SO turn a girl’s sox … i raise my (number deleted for respectability) glass of wine to you!

  2. Ken what can I say, another cracking collection of cool cues for cats. I hope Jane digs the tunes.

    Only you could mix Missa Luba with Duck Rock and the Silicon Teens and then seamlessly slink into The Rascals – I must run you off a copy of the orginal album that spawned Groovin’ (You and me and Leslie groovin’ sic)

    Remind me never to leave a message on your voice mail!

  3. Here’s little bit of my own Lo-fi Lounginess in return for the great music you’ve provided on Radio Shirley


  4. radioshirley

    truna … so hope you didn’t mind the re-up. I thought it was appropriate the first time around … another spin on the birthday cake … laS x

    and Crispy what a fabulous thing to do! I’m touched … some would say in the head but never mind …

    thank you for this mix … looking forward to firing up the boa band and bringing it on home


  5. Delish, fab and fantastico – looking forward to a Christmas posty


  6. radioshirley

    thx PM … so happy you popped by.

    Shirl can’t come at doing a Christmas post … but one to greet the new year in with nipples to the wind is in the pipeline, my dear …

    keep cool diamond dogs rule

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