01:01:2009 :::: radioShirley presents “laShirl’s All Male Revue”


Greetings Shirleyphiles and welcome to another 40 minutes of low-fi luvliness!

Its been a long time between drinks I must say and what better way to greet
some old friends than getting mr.Kenneth back to doing what he should be
doing and working his fingers to the bone for yours truly! Yes … not unlike
Katherine Hepburn, laShirl wears the proverbial pant suit in this family.

We’ve lined up a very talented bunch of menfolk, all possessing suspicious
levels of testosterone, all circumspect about their gender and lets face it …
with those personality traits, I’d have them all over for dinner in a flash.
Wouldn’t you? I just wouldn’t let Vincent Price near the kitchen that’s all.
If you listen to the show, you’ll understand why.

So who’s sitting round the table you ask?

Starting at the head of the table and holding court is the legendary Quentin Crisp.
To his left are the boys from Sweet, a real rock and roll disgrace. Next to them,
the man who really started the whole bling thing, Liberace is telling tales to the
ever funky but chic, David Johansen. Fess Parker without the raccoon on his head,
it’s one of the courses actually, decides that Jimmy and The Boys are really not like
everybody else. The TuneTwisters bring up the tone of the evening with a touch of
four part popcorn. The Spencer Davis Group explore the definition of a “man” with
John Wayne. Speaking of definition, my favourite bare chested boys, Rammstein
provide a little table cooking entertainment with the help of Vincent Price, a fork,
a few boys and a flamethrower. Tokyo Baby keep the table cooking action going
while Jim Croce tells some story about a cat called Leroy Brown.
Definitely not on the menu!

Neil Diamond sings of brotherly love and salvation until that upstart Arthur Comix,
a right snivelling shit, decides a little reality check is in order by asking the eternal
question “Is God a Man?” Pulchritude is indeed a big word, Arthur. The Television
Personalities decide to lighten the mood with a ditty about Geoffrey Ingram and to
end the night on a high note, the dessert in a torn pantsuit himself, P.J. Proby
leads us all in a cutlery waving rendition of “Que Sera Sera”.

Whatever will be, will be … indeed … but who is looking after the washing up?

la Shirl and mr. Kenneth


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  1. oooh you devils – i do envy the lucky souls who haven’t grabbed this one before cos it’s one of my faves. thanks for many a happy hour duckies and be good

  2. radioshirley

    the sentiment is smoochual and may 2009 be extra delish for you, dear ally


    laShirl and you know who …

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