14:02:09 :::: radioShirley presents “Shirley’s Little Helpers”

original image by Miss Loisy

Greetings Shirleyphiles and welcome to another 40 minutes or so of low-fi lovliness!

Oh the world seems to be going to Hell in a handbasket doesn’t it?
Honestly, there’s just so much “fiscal stimulus” one can bear, don’t you agree?
So how are yours truly and her manservant coping with the current global
climate of chaos and turmoil?

Well, I’ve been behaving like a classic 50’s hausfrau: tearing through my own
little Valley of the Dolls wearing a taffeta gown, shot silk throw, sporting frilly aprons
whenever the fancy takes me and washing down fistfuls of candy that’d make
Susan Hayward proud and Patty Duke Astin choke! mr.Kenneth on the other
hand has been his usual flatline self : sensible shoes, three meals a day and
positively Yin to my Yang. How we’ve co-existed so long, is a complete mystery!

So this episode is a little inside take on what I’ve been indulging in :
a confessional of sorts, without the broom cupboard drama, detailing just a
few of the favourite things which have been helping me wake up to the day,
put one foot after the other and then lay the head back down on the pillow or
plonk it forehead first into the oven. But no, this never happens on a Sunday!
Only a few of my wicked wicked ways are name checked here. If I named
everything which puts the tiger in my tank, the zazz in my piz or the wind up my
kaftan, then we’d end up with show called “Shirley’s Ring Cycle” wouldn’t we?
I mean, in these tough times, there are just far too many indulgences to mention!

mr.Kenneth has been a patient love as usual, risen to the ocassion and helped
me select this soundtrack to the current shape I’m in. Yes Shirleyphiles, its messy.
Yes, its all over the shop but we love it that way. Opening up this aural cabinet of
curiousities are the Rolling Stones followed by The Champs, Regurgitator, Brenda Lee,
Flying Lizards, Vincent Price, Sailor, Fischer-Z, Dean Martin, Kevin Ayers,
The Pineapples From The Dawn of Time, Queens of the Stone Age, Terri “Cupcake” O’Mason
and if that last track doesn’t get you doing the “Vitamin Mambo” then
the fabulous B-52’s are bound to!

So Shirleyphiles, like the 52’s, gather together whatever deviant ingredients you
have on hand, head on down that Martini mile and elevate yourselves to a very
fine state of mind with mr.K and moi!

Until next time, take Absolut care and remember … play fair

*be smooched*
laShirl and mr.Kenneth


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  1. Chaps, it’s been my first time, but I’ve enjoyed it enormously.

    Be, erm, smooched.

  2. chaiscout

    Ah, there it is! laShirl, you must really get mrKenneth to do something about this, it’s getting so crowded there on that download page with all your aural de-lites I could scarcely (in my fragile state, very much in need of some deviant ingredient) find my way to the new show! But oh, when I did! – well, I sang right along with the Dynamite and the Bees, then I got out my little ‘ole scorecard and I think I calculated 5 little indulgences with which you might be familiar?? Am I right?!

  3. wiggieno

    That was luverly! Warms the cockles so to speak.

  4. radioshirley

    @davyh – fabulous that you’ve stepped up to the plate, mate. Do come again … and again … and again!

    @chaiscout – you are so right, honey! I have trouble now checking that they’re there after the upload. Don’t fret, Mr.K is onto it.

    What, only 5 indulgences! ? We really have to talk, darl 🙂 You know, I knew that Little Miss Dynamite would get you wailing along!

    @wiggieno – wiggie, so glad you too have dropped in after so long, luv. Hope the show put a smile on your gorgeous dial.

    laShirl & mr.K

  5. Marg

    sex in a can….mmmm, I think the marketing gurus should get onto that one – will help us beat the recession 🙂

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