06:04:09 :::: radioShirley presents “Open House”


Greetings Shirleyphiles and welcome to another 40 minutes or so of low-fi lovliness!

Inspired by a post which appeared a few weeks back over on one of
Shirl’s favourite blogs, this show is all about, you guessed it, houses and the
assorted items of everyday living which inhabit them.

from Jockohomo :

“Homosexuality is one of the essential elements of living in contemporary society.
Official IKEA spokesperson’s response to pressure from grumpy Polish Catholics
(namely a letter writing campaign) who had a hoo haa because they wanted queer
couples removed from the IKEA catalog.

Read the full post HERE

Hoo Haa indeed! And bouquets to IKEA’s spokesperson for such an
eloquent t-shirt/bumper sticker one liner!

I wonder what those same grumps would say if XTC, Jody Miller, Carol Channing,
Marc Almond, Lou Reed, John Cale, Denise laSalle, Vivian Stanshall, Buzzcocks,
Tiny Tim, Herman’s Hermits, Dionne Warwick, Leona Anderson, Split Enz who
feature in this show, featured in the next catalog? MMMmmm?

Regular Shirleyphiles shouldn’t be at all surprised to know that I for one,
would be out there buying up any chair, table, bedlamp or drink coaster
which was being endorsed by that ultimate Jazz Baby, Carol Channing!

Goodness, I know the manservant, mr.Kenneth could be sorely tempted
with a Marc Almond leather recliner rocking chair!

Until next time Shirleyphiles, take care and remember … play fair

*be smooched*
laShirl and mr.Kenneth


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  1. chaiscout

    Very sober advice from Carol on this one, my dearest Shirley! Imagine actually *doing housework together*! It’d be Coronary City if I were to ever have a houseworking partner! :)) (good thing he’s so good for other things!)

    Just look for *moi* on my old front porch!

  2. Lovely stuff.

    I’m useful with a hoover.

  3. What a tracklist ….. “names, names, names” sweetie! Love it already and haven’t heard it yet- but it’s just finished downloading, yay!

  4. PierreV

    Great selection! I bet grumpies would be dancing with their brooms! 😀
    Feels like home!

  5. radioshirley

    @chaiscout – you mean you couldn’t even tempt mr.C with a feather duster and a Renee Geyer soundtrack? Sheesh … hope we’ll get to swing on a Miami porch one day, glass in hand and the sea breeze blowing through our boas!

    @davyh – so I’ve heard sweetie … so I’ve heard 😉

    @~Vicious – well I do hope it lived up to those great expectations!

    @Pierre … you think so? – I’d suspect those particular grumps would probably be riding the brooms! Glad you’re feeling comfy!

  6. vicki

    Another extremely enjoyable collection almost makes me want to break out the feather duster, almost. CC said it all. He! He!

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