18:05:09 :::: radioShirley presents “Shirl’s Pole Dancing Favourites”

Image : David Kouture by Alain-Christian

Greetings Shirleyphiles and welcome to another 40 minutes or so of low-fi lovliness!

“rhythm is both the song’s manacle and its demonic charge
it is the original breath
it is the whisper of unremitting demand
“what do you still want of me?” says the singer
“what do you think you can still draw from my lips?”
exact presence that no fantasy can represent
purveyor of the old secret
alive with the blood that boils again and is pulsing where the rhythm is torn apart
how your singers blood is incensed at the depth of sound
lacerations echo in the mouth’s open erotic sky where dance together the lost
frenzies of rhythm and an imploring immobility”

from I.Penman : The Annihilation of Rhythm

Ladies and Gentleman …. Shirl’s Pole Dancing Favorites!

*be smooched*
laShirl and mr.Kenneth


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  1. chaiscout

    That was some mighty polite applause until ca. 24 min, dear Shirley! For awhile there I was imagining you pole dancing in your Playtex 18 hr girdle and cone bra, your throat and cleavage swathed in Vicks Vapo-rub and cheesecloth against that persistent cough… good to hear you finally bust loose and give that audience the show they came for! :))

    ps – what’s with all the showers???

  2. radioshirley

    Indeed Chaiscout … they were a tough crowd to begin with, though I suspect thoroughly mesmerised with my extraordinary technique. Invited guests by mr. Kenneth only for the first half of the show. You know my audience as he does – quiet, select, rather discerning types who show their appreciation in more subdued tones.

    The crowd that Phyllis Diller attracted from the roulette wheels during the interval I must say were rather more haughty and as they stayed, they certainly set the tone for what was to come.

    Of course, having the fabulous Candy and Stella with me to kick off the second half just opened the floodgates of boisterous enthusiasm from Phyllis’s lot. I think most of my more “cultured” group left at that point. I heard someone mention “the Opera” so I suspect thats where they headed to … with mr. Kenneth in tow mind you! Abandonment issues? Who? Moi?

    No matter how many times I ask Candy and Stella to refrain from gutter chit chat as we walk to the stage from the dressing room, they refuse to listen. I was appalled, but to give them their due, they really know how to “Sock It” to the crowds in a “Laugh-In” kinda way. And they do bring out more in me than even I bargain for.

    My cough is much better now. Thank you. An old recipe passed on from Gypsy Rose Lee of gin and Vicks Vaporub on a teaspoon taken three times a day always works a treat.

    Showers? Well, the car that I arrived in was rather smelly and I just needed to freshen up a little and wash that man right outta my hair. The other shower you hear during the interval is not me at all. I know I have an obsessive compulsive nature, but really, it doesn’t extend to showers. It was another dancer in the dressing room. Coco, I believe her name is. Never met her, but I believe her act is a sight to behold!

    I just walked into the dressing room from Act 1 and continued to walk around silently gesturing to Candy and Stella that they needed to get themselves moving quickly as Phyllis was only doing a very short set during the break. Coco showered on …

    This was the very first time I danced to “Midnight Train to Georgia” by myself and I hope its not the last. It was stellar!

    I wish you were there.

    yours laShirl

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