18:09:09 :::: radioShirley presents “ENGAGED!”


Greetings Shirleyphiles and welcome to another 40 minutes or so of low-fi lovliness!

Well I just bet the title of this show made a few of the regular Shirleyphiles
spit the pins out, hey? Alarmed internal voices throughout the cybersphere
crying out “What??!! Shirl engaged!! Did mr.K finally go down on his knees before
our Shirl with a proposition she couldn’t refuse? Or vice versa??!! Heavens to betsy!!
Where’s the party? What will I wear? Who’s doing the catering?”
No. No. No.No. Put the knives and smelling salts down, dears. Its none of the above.

I know its been sometime between Pimms, but the engagement of two of our faves,
Donat and Louise (DT – musician, Francophile and possessor of an encyclopedic,
enviable brain crammed with all manner of musical detritus & the gorgeous LB –
extraordinary artist and the human heart behind Drawing Girl) requires special
acknowledgment round these parts! Lacking any real idea for a suitable gift,
mr.K and I decided to do what we know best and lovingly craft a celebratory show
in honour of this fabulous news. We’re sure they have just about everything they need.
After all, they have each other and as the song goes, who could ask for anything more,
right? Wrong! These two love birds deserve to be “Shirled” and Shirled they shall be!

Well, who have been gathered together to join the hijinx? For starters, Yoko Ono,
The Nerves, The Shangri-Las, Question Mark & The Mysterians, Lily Tomlin,
Paul Mauriat, Joe Youngblood, Eartha Kitt, Normie Rowe, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins,
Shower Scene from Psycho, John Prine and Iris Dement, Orange Juice, Brigitte Bardot,
Rachel Sweet, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Ivor Cutler, Cilla Black, Sherbet and wrapping
it all up are The Passions with slice of delicious pop and wise words, “Love is Essential”.

So Shirleyphiles, join us in raising your collective fruitcups to Donat & Louise! mr.K
will be joining DT & LB tonight ahem – next week – with a bunch of their wild and
crazy Scooby gang and I expect a full report of the high brow goings on that will no
doubt occur in an outer Brisbane suburb. I do hope mr.K can remember his name
and address if he needs to ask a friendly policeman for directions home!

*be smooched*
laShirl and mr. Kenneth

UPDATE : mr.K has just arrived home rather embarassed, poor luv. It seems in
his excitement he got the date of the engagement party all wrong!!! He turned
up to LB & DT’s digs … unusually quiet party he mused while ringing the doorbell
only to be greeted by a bemused Donat when asked “So where’s the party?”
“It’s on next Friday, Ken”. Well, I’m quite beside myself with laughter. Oh dear.
But mr.K tells me he was able to have a couple of quiet beers and a pleasant
natter with the couple du jour before being escorted safely to the nearest bus stop
where he stood shaking his head in befuddled wonder at this senior of senior moments.
And he has the nerve to tell me I’m dizzy sometimes! Rest assured I’ll be dining out
on this social faux pas at a certain manservant’s expense for sometime … hehe.


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  1. By golly but you’ve come back all invigorated after your extended break haven’t you?

    Pant-wettingly good x

  2. moz

    Getting older, dear? Oh, well, you can look forward to a party a week longer, Mr. K, and you did not only make LaShirl laugh 🙂

    And i have something nce to listen to going to work tomorrow!

  3. Richard

    Hi Shirl,

    briefly looked at your stuff and having read your extremely catholic and tempting playlist have realised I’m going to have to set aside a lot more time to plough through this but like your writing style already.

    Will have a trawl through Datagirl’s friends on f/b to see if I can find you but if you fancy the add let me know your id or send request.

    Thank you so much for your kind words which I genuinely find very encouraging.


  4. radioshirley

    @ davyh … thx luv … yes I’m back with more zazz in my piz and a lot of wind up my kaftan … so look out!

    @ moz … yes dear … older but no bloody wiser it seems … hope you enjoy the listening

    @ richard … thank you … I’ve read a number of your posts and I’m just a sucker for all that r’n’ r intrigue … what a charmed and shoulder rubbing life you’ve led sport … fascinating! … will find you on fb through our gal du jour …

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