02:12:09 :::: radioShirley presents “Going over the top for wiggie!”

Greetings Shirleyphiles and welcome to another 40 minutes or so of low-fi lovliness!

Its been some time since we put together a “birthday show” and how the
gorgeous sun-kissed subject of this one has escaped “Being Shirled” for so long
is beyond me! But better late than never! mr.K and I befriended the lovely
wiggie aka “Vicki of the ever changing haircut” via BowieAudio.com some years
back and like many of that long gone community, we “clicked” and have stayed
in touch ever since.

wiggie loves her music. All sorts. The exception is a certain Australian diva who
happens to be one of the manservant’s favourites. But is that about to sour a friendship
… ahem … heading in the right direction? Oh no! ;=)

One may think the “wigster” would be a little bit country given her current location
in country Australia but from what I know, she’s a true blue Rock and Roll outlaw!
Oh yes. We’re going places we’ve never been to before as mr.K and yours truly have
put together an entire show of Aussie artists and commercials!
It’s an unabashed
Aussie-centric selection of a certain vintage … well mostly – mr.K just had to throw
in a more recent cut from his beloved TISM didn’t he!

So kids, as Doc Neeson from The Angels announces at the start of the show,
“This is it folks. Over the top!” – put your hands together, mix up a large GnT in a tall glass,
go over the top and join mr.K and moi in toasting “The Darling of Daylesford”,
la wiggie! Happy Birthday darling! *MWAH*

until next time Shirleyphiles, take care and play fair!

*be smooched*
laShirl and mr. Kenneth


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  1. vicki

    Wonderful and so many other words to describe how wonderful this is and how wonderful it made me feel the 1st time I listened to it (up to the 5th rotation so far). Put the biggest smile on my dial and kept it there all day, thanks so much for making me feel so special. And you totally got “ME” I love it. smooches xxxxx wiggi xxxx

  2. Yay!! New Shirl, and such a good reason for a show – double awesome! Happy birthday Vicki 🙂

  3. chaiscout

    Happy Birthday, wiggi!!

    Dearest Shirl, this is surprisingly listenable for a Down Under-handed trek over the top, but then again your co-DJ mrK has home schooled me on the merits of many a Down Under artist. How savvy and lucky of you to have captured the personality and verve of our birthday girl. You two probably have a lot in common!

    You People certainly have strange ads, though, I can only imagine in horror the graphic that accompanies stretch your neck PK Gum.

    … and wiggi, it’s easier after 50, trust me. The anticipation is mercifully past and who cares anyway rightly becomes your mantra. Woo hoo.

  4. ib


    Happy New Year, Mr. K & Shirl. I am not a diligent as I ought to be in my first-footing these days, but better late than never.

    I shudder – literally – to think of those ridiculously clement temperatures you still enjoy this time of year.

  5. radioshirley

    Thanks ib!

    Temperatures have been somewhat hellish down under I can tell you.

    Do hope you’re not going bananas with all that white around!


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