06:03:10 :::: radioShirley presents “BIG!”

pic by Happy Little Nomad

Greetings Shirleyphiles and welcome to another 40 minutes or so of low-fi lovliness!

Big cars, big hands, big dreams, big hair, big people and big mistakes.
Ah yes, we’ve all crossed paths with some of these big things once, twice or thrice
in our lifetimes. But what do you do when faced with the enormous or the oversized?
Do you gawk? Do you recoil and shrink into a tinier state of mind or do you take a giant
leap into the towering mass of whatever and embrace the difference? I mean, size.
Its all relative isn’t it?

mr.K and yours truly have been pondering about “size” ever since he brought home
the largest aubergine I have ever seen in my life last week and plonked it on the
kitchen bench with a flourish of pride as if he was some kind of big game hunter
presenting a trophy vegetable.

“What are we going to do with that … that … thing?” I exclaimed.
“Well Shirl, we could cook it. We could put a funny hat on it and lay it in the hammock.
We could spend this evening playing Mr. Potato Head games with it. Whatever takes your fancy, my dear!”
“But its so … so … large and purple mr.K! I doubt that it will even fit into the crisper!”

So we stood there for quite some time, just gazing at this freakish vegetable.
I have no idea what was going through his head and to be honest, I was somewhat
hesitant to ask when I noticed a smirk cross his lips and a rather perverse gleam
enter his eyes. On that signal, I turned. I could’ve run, but instead decided to leave
The Great Purple Vegetable hunter to delight in his catch and settle myself into the
couch with an old Jane Austen I’ve been wanting to read for ages.

Another hour passed. mr.K hadn’t moved or uttered a sound until I heard a
squawk from the kitchen.
“But Shirl, it was big and it was cheap!”
I do wonder about masculine logic sometimes. I really do.

Three days have passed and it is still on the bench. I’m not sure whether he
expects me to feed it or what. I’ll tell you this though, if it hasn’t disappeared
tomorrow I’m going to demand that it starts to pay rent!

*be smooched*
laShirl and mr. Kenneth

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  1. Lydia Lunch & Hedwig in one playlist – you’re spoiling us properly LaShirl!!! Woo hooo!!!! Been playing some classic Radio Shirley at work lately…. some laughs, some sing alongs, and a few moments of “Louise, what IS this?!?!?!” 😀

  2. radioshirley

    Lydia and Hedwig?

    Well, seeing as mr.K went out and bought me a new trowel and some eyeliner today as an apology gift for enduring the aubergine – it’s still on the bench by the way … I’m getting slightly nervous – it was the least I could do …

    Thx for the comment ~Vic … and happy to hear you’re keeping radioShirl alive in the office …

    Guilty secret – I still have those “what IS this” moments myself! :=) x

  3. moz

    Dear mr. K. and LaShirl,

    so happy to have a new show from you on my i-pod, trying to drive home. Trafficjam? No problem, i even wait in the car when i get home, i won;t stop listening,


  4. radioshirley

    dearest moz!

    So happy to see you here again! And I just have to say that to sit in your car until the show finishes is the ultimate in flattery! Thank you!

    *be smooched m’dear*
    mr.K & Shirl

  5. PierreV

    Another great show, LaShirl! Thank you so much and please excuse Mr. K for his aubergine mild obsession, vegetables are soooo healthy!! 😀


  6. pog

    Dearest laShirl and mr. Kenneth,

    So who sounds like Nina Hagen in here? … I know it’s just my earphones the other way around. I’ve seen the real one right in a Daylesford veggie patch, and it was huge, man! :-O (I mean the baby aubergine) But then the way your version sounds, adds a certain extra mile to it, for sure! 😉 Thank you for the music once again, and forever. Been converted for a long while by all these lovely tunes, and yours since early.

    P.S. Don’t wanna be the Easter egg, but enjoy the holidays soon enough.

  7. radioshirley

    @ mr. Pierre – I have banished mr.K from touching the vegetables in my crisper … he is only to do the washing up from this moment on … oh … and cook for me on demand … oh and sweep the floor … oh and clean the chimney … oh and take out the trash … oh … and I have quite a to do list! Glad you enjoyed the show.

    @ darling pog … that voice would belong to a wonderful songstress – Yma Sumac who passed on only a couple of years ago at the ripe old age of 86! The song is called “The Giant Condor” She’s marvellous! And I think radioShirl would sound just that extra bit fab with your earphones back to front!

    *be smooched* fellas and thanks for leaving your comments.

  8. Vicki

    Sorry La Shirl for being a bit slow,
    Another wonderful show, nice to hear a touch of the Mael Bros as well. And like Vicious & Moz I have also been spinning quite a lot of radio shirley of late I find it soothes me when dealing with the giant vegies in my garden, if that aubergine had been in my kitchen it would have been Babaghanoush pronto. xxxx wiggi xx

  9. radioshirley

    Ta wiggi!

    Glad to hear that radioShirl soothes your savage vegetables!

    Shirl & mr.K

  10. Thanks for sharing this. Great Blog!

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