04:06:10 :::: radioShirley presents “ALIVE!”

Greetings Shirleyphiles and welcome to 60 minutes or so of low-fi lovliness!

Well, in the words of The Divine Miss M herself, Bette Midler who kicks off
this show “Oh honey, we spared no expense for you this time. We did it all.
We washed. We showered. We shaved. We FPS’d ourselves into a stupor!”
And we have! Mr. K and yours truly have had a blast and clapped their paws raw
putting together this show. It is a thoroughly live, continuous performance of
Royal Command proportions of some of our favourite live moments that could
get any aged King or Queen tearing their knickers off and throwing them at the stage.
From Bette Midler to Sweet to Noel Coward to Smokey Robinson to Blossom Dearie
to Sergio Mendes to Quentin Crisp and many others, there is plenty in this one to
send chills and thrills up your spine and back down to the toes of your collective slingbacks!

Mr. K still shivers nostalgically when the needle drops onto track one of Bette Midler’s
“Live at Last” album as he recalls the thrill of being party to one of the stage entrances
to end all entrances! The palpable excitement of the audience on this particular
recording is so well captured that it transports the manservant back to front row centre
for Miss. Midler’s first ever Brisbane show back in the 70’s. Sharing this moment with
at least two known Shirleyphiles, you know who you are, Mr. K attests that it could’ve
been recorded then and there as the audience reaction is just as wild!

That’s what it’s all about though isn’t it? As masterful as studio recordings can be,
its the live experience, the hit and miss, the stage chatter and patter, the warts and
all wonderland where the excitement and artistry are truly expressed.
Mind you, it takes two to tango as they say and without an appreciative audience
to feed off, a performance can easily descend into blanc mange … and we’re not
talking 80’s hair bands … or are we?

So Shirleyphiles, fire up your Clap-o-Meters, put on your favourite concert merch
and settle in for a cavalcade of our faves doing it for you and doing it ALIVE!

Until next time, take care and play fair.
*be smooched*
laShirl and mr. Kenneth


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  1. pog

    Just got home from a lovely 12-hour server-watching shift… so not yet listened to this already wonderfully tagged show. But the names put me into a rather good mood! So many many many thanks to you, dear dear laShirl and mr.K.

  2. radioshirley

    thank *you* dear pog!

  3. Chaiscout

    Holey smokes, this is a great one, just the thing for a Monday afternoon. Wham bam bam, thank you ma’am and gentle manservant! 😉

  4. 96dbFreak

    Enjoyed that very much, S&K. Mr Coward was very funny as was Mr Crisp and Mr Bowie’s contribution was a delight!

    • radioshirley

      hello 96!

      So good to see you slumming it round these parts lad and very glad the show put a smile on your dial!

      mr.K & radioShirl

  5. pog

    Just a confirmation this show was a great one, only me being late with the update. But then just happier to see familiar names here to bring back nice memories from the days of BA 🙂

    • radioshirley

      thank you dear pog.

      Yes … it is lovely to see some our “gang” from BowieAudio pop up here!

      mr.K & radioShirl

  6. Rebecca Sweeney

    Back doin’ the watoosie with that goose Bruce and luvin it 🙂 x x Thanks Shirl

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