08:08:10 :::: radioShirley presents “CRY!”

Greetings Shirleyphiles and welcome to another 40 minutes or so of low-fi lovliness!

“Ain’t there one damn song, that can make me break down and cry?”
exclaimed David Bowie in ‘Young Americans’.

Well there are a whole bunch that can make me do that, but don’t be fooled
by the title. This show is not a collection of maudlin, morose tearjerkers but
more a snotty hanky full of tunes which take as their theme that sacred act of
crying and the associated rivers of salt that pour down our song stylists’ faces
and out of their noses. Now before you go running for the Kleenex and the key
to the liquor cabinet, I must tell you that this is strictly an Eric Clapton-free zone!
Oh yes it is. No ‘Tears from Heaven’ fingers down my throat nonsense here!

Oh no! The manservant and I can get into a mutual sob-sister act at the drop of a
Gladys Knight and The Pips, but my brief to mr.K for knob twiddling this time
around was to steer well clear of turning you devoted Shirleyphiles into a blither
blather of heaving sooks. I know how much time many of you spend on the
application of eyeliner, lippy and such and I did not want to turn you into an
audience of sad raccoons!

Lawdy clawdy, you can even dance your heartaches away while listening to
some of this show! Now that is the way to do it! Maintain that air of cool
detachment while your world is falling apart, your top lip is quivering and dance on!
Yes, radioShirl girls and radioShirl boys, throw those arms up in a Diana Ross
diva-esque stylee! By the way, I’ve been teaching mr.K that move and he’s just
loving throwing it in mid-conversation with absolutely everybody we meet.
Mind you, it took the counter staff at our local Chinese take-away rather by
surprise last night while he was ordering our dinner.
“Beef in Black  arms up/face to the follow spot! Bean Sauce, please!”
Happy face, tears of a clown and all that jazz!

That said, how can you possibly escape the high drama of such emotion when
you have such a cry baby and our poster boy of the month like the gorgeous
Johnnie Ray in the mix? You just can’t. You need to let the young man, off his
noggin as he is, sing sorrowfully about little white clouds that cry and get it
out of his system.

Until, next time, take care and play fair!

*be smooched*
radioShirl and mr. Kenneth


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  1. Leutin

    Just about to reach for the kleenex when the Birthday Party ripped into my aura… loving this 🙂

    laCass xx

    • radioshirley

      You still have that dreadful cold, laCass? ;=)

      Yes, laShirl does like to operate by surprise.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, darl.

  2. Eva

    Sooo good. Karaoke queen emerged and I’m singing along…Love them all. La Shirl – still a great twirl.

    • radioshirley

      Eva the Diva!!! How fabulous of you to stop by after all this time! Did you pick up the snippet from our favourite movie – ‘All About Eva’ ? Hmm? Theatre critics can be sooo cruel. ;=)
      Hope all’s sooper dooper in your world, m’dear and keep on twirlin’ and Doin’ the Shirl! x

  3. leah_s

    oh that song by rebekah del rio! so angstful and beautiful – i had to listen to it over and over. thanks shirl and mister K 🙂 xx

    • radioshirley

      mr.K’s all-time favourite model girl!
      Thanks for stopping by & commenting, darlin’. So happy to know that you’re still tuning in after all these years.

      It’s superb isn’t it? Reaches a drama so high & exquisite … just perfect for you!
      radioShirl & mr.K

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