03:10:10 :::: radioShirley presents HOOKED! Vol 2

Greetings Shirleyphiles and welcome to another 40 minutes or so of low-fi lovliness!

Here we go again dipping into some tunes which have been getting a recent
beating from mr.K. These are some of the high rotation sounds my faithful
manservant has been torturing me with mornin’ noon and night over the past month!
You know, I cut a deal with mr.K that if I let him take over the playlist this time,
that he’d spare me from the aural pain that is Elton John for at least six months!
Done! Reg Dwight is one of our major points of musical difference and the source of
many minor irritations. I blame the sounds of little Reg which float through the halls
of Casa Shirley at the most inappropriate times – read cocktail hour – entirely for the
nasty rash that has erupted on my legs. mr.K adores the 70’s Elton. Any period of
Elton sends yours truly running for the calamine lotion and fumbling for the ON
switch of the leaf blower!

Almost two years ago to the day, we launched HOOKED VOL 1 and this is, apart
from an appearance from la Elton, a rockin’ extravaganza to equal if not better VOL 1!
mr.K has pieced together a truly marvvy selection from Lloyd Cole & The Commotions,
Nina Hagen, Connie Francis, Sweet, Yello, Gene McDaniels, X-Ray Spex, Elton – ahem – John,
CCS, and just for Chaiscout because we couldn’t lay our paws on Johnny Cash’s ‘Cocaine Blues’
as requested – Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band, The Creatures, Brenton Woods,
Bunker Hill (I LOVE that one), Angelic Upstarts (the ultimate aural itcher, twitcher
and bitcher in my opinion) and wrapping it all up, Hawkwind with a long time favourite,
‘Quark, Strangeness and Charm’.

So Shirleyphiles, tear open that box of Cadbury’s Roses, fumble for your favourites
(I bagsy the Turkish Delights 😉 and chew slowly as we present HOOKED VOL 2!

Until, next time, take care, play fair and please dispose of the wrappers thoughtfully!!

*be smooched*
radioShirl and mr. Kenneth


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  1. pog

    Wow just as beautiful start as those pretty pink flowers!! 😀 I love those pretty faces showing through the patterns and so far all the first four songs are just great and bewildering to listen to. Even though I could only recognize Iki Maska from Radio Yerevan! Yay!!! :-))) I believe I can say that sweet sweet music saved my life this wintery morning.
    An awesome big Thanks to you, la Wonderful and mr. Gorgeous! 😉

  2. radioshirley

    Thank you pog dahlink!
    That is exactly what we’re all about here at radioShirl … saving lives in wintery European climates! Keep those mittens on young man!

    *be smooched my favourite Hungarian-ink*
    la Wonderful x

  3. This is very nice musics but I only have Roses at Christmas, will a Hobnob do?

    • radioshirley

      davy my dear,
      mr.K may tell you otherwise but I’m really not that fussy! At my vintage, I take what I can get.

      yours in a house dress,

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