14:11:10 ::: radioShirley presents “Raising Hell and a Birthday Fruitcup for Miss Wendy”!

Greetings Shirleyphiles and welcome to another 40 minutes or so of low-fi lovliness!

Well, what do you give a popular lady, one who is a real hoot with the crowd,
one who has thrilled you with her voice, her performances, her music and her
just being her fabulous self for years and years? More fabulous music, of course!!!

And that’s just what we’ve dished up for you this time around Shirleyphiles to
celebrate the 50th birthday of the divine miss Wendy Seary! mr.Kenneth is still,
after more than 25 years, a hopeless fan boy when it comes to our gal du jour!
When the brilliant Brisbane band, Lovs é Blur, with Wendy out in front and at her
celestial best took to the stage for their first proper gig at The Hacienda Hotel
way back then, mr.K knew that this was a band of musicians with a singer to watch.
And watch he did … gig after gig after gig after gig, he watched and danced and
watched and danced away at his celestial best to some of the best Brisbane
rock ‘n’ roll nights out on the town he’s ever had.

So Happy Birthday dahlink! We’re wishing you more happy returns  around your
very own psychedelic sun you silly sausage! This one’s especially for you!
Its an audio fruitcup of sorts served up with a great big smooch from one of
your many number one fans. And are mr.K and myself are looking forward to
raising hell and a fruitcup or two with you and your gang tonight? Indeed we are!

Shirleyphiles, please join me in charging your glasses, go gather up the scatter
cushions and whatever else that may make your lives that little bit more special,
sit back as Eartha Kitt, Bryan Ferry, The Ad Libs, Carol Channing, Mina,
Ronnie Spector, Dusty Springfield, Dame Shirley Bassey, Cher, Bow Wow Wow,
Nina Hagen, Genevieve Waite, Miss Marie Lloyd and our gal du jour out in front
of Lovs é Blur make you forget your blues!

*be smooched*
radioShirl and mr. Kenneth

Do yourself a Molly and visit the divine miss Wendy’s myspace


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