14:04:11 ::: radioShirley presents “Workin’ on a Groovy Thing with Shirl”

Greetings Shirleyphiles and welcome to another 40 minutes or so of low-fi lovliness!

This show is an ENCORE! presentation of a fabulous little thing my manservant
and I put together way back in the dark ages of 2006. Stumbling across it a
few days ago, my arm was twisted to air it again like my favourite pair of well
worn cha-cha heels …

Its 47 minutes and 25 seconds of not so low-fi lovliness featuring far out,
mind blowing beats and tripped out exaltations that’ll sure have you diggin
and divin’ for that black light switch above your collective bedheads just so you
can once again tune in and turn on to the luxurious precious vibes of that soft
and furry felt “what’s so funny bout peace love and understanding” poster you’ve
had hiding in the closet all this time.

That was a long sentence, Shirl. Breathe dear, breathe.”
“Well, I’d breathe easier mr.Kenneth if you could just lower the patchouli factor
in the air just a smidge, darling.”

Hipsters, its an outta sight selection I had the manservant combing the archives
for this time. Each song and sound byte contains something of the vernacular that
is so last century that its become fashionable again. Well, it has around Chez Shirley
of late as I’ve recently dug out the Alice B.Toklas Cookbook! Enough said!

Its time to let it all hang out and get super cool with Lana Cantrell, Stevie Wonder,
Nina Simone, Mitch Ryder, The Fifth Dimension, Simon and Garfunkel, Friends of Distinction,
Mel Torme, Henry Gibson and many other selected groovy groupies
who really know how to sock it to you!

Now, don’t forget to throw those car keys into the fruit bowl m’dears. There are no
uptight observers in our brick veneer den of love and lava lamps … only participants!

Until next time kids, take care and play fair!
*be smooched*
radioShirl and mr. Kenneth


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  1. Your music is fantastic,I could LIVE on your site…Fantastico!!!

  2. Your blog is wonderful.What unusual and fabulous music…been here all day – must make tea!! Fantastico

  3. Aww thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind comments, Tracy!
    Glad you’ve been diggin’ the shows!

    Welcome aboard … and yes … go make tea! We don’t want you fading away!

    *be smooched*
    radioShirl & mr.K

  4. gotta love that Mel, it’s spectacular! Thanks for the reprise, mrK!

  5. Ya know what i would love, mrK? a show consisting of 57 covers of Feelin’ Alright! Surely Mel T has done it at some point, don’t you think?? 😉

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