19:10:11 :::: radioShirley presents “A Very Gay Carrington Birthday!”

Greetings Shirleyphiles and welcome to another 40 minutes or so of low-fi lovliness!

Gloria Swanson as her character, Norma Desmond purred in ‘Sunset Boulevard’,
“the stars are ageless”. Some old system Hollywood stars, not that many are left,
more’s the pity, also evoke a delicious sense of nostalgia and embody the glamour
and style of a bygone era. None though of the current crop of fizzbombs, come
close in matching the timelessness, grace and style of the focus of this
radioShirley outing :- Ladies and Gentlemen, the fabulous Gay Carrington!

mr.Kenneth has become somewhat obsessed with all things Gay after he stumbled
upon her comeback trail on the internet some time ago. I still, have not dared to
ask what he was searching for via google in the first place. Thrilled to find that
one his favourite Hollywood starlets was once again making movies and
re-presenting herself to an adoring Gay hungry audience via blogdom, he watches
very closely and pounces on anything Gay related which crops up via facebook or twitter.

His level of Gay devotion seriously knows no bounds. Some weeks back, while
I was stirring from a golden slumber, I hear a squeal from the kitchen.
“Shirl! Shirl! We’re having Gay toast this morning!” Well, nothing would surprise me.
mr.K can really dish up the oddest things for breakfast. I then look up to find mr.K
thrusting a slice of rye dripping with butter and honey into my face and shrieking,
“Look! Look! Its Gay! Its Gay! Gay Carrington has appeared to me in a piece of toast!
Isn’t this marvellous, Shirl?! I must share this with Gay immediately!”
Not quite knowing what to say and wondering whether mr.K had taken up his
Bloody Mary breakfast regime once again, I let him run away without question
to photograph our breakfast and post it to Gay’s facebook page.

Its been quite some time since we’ve had a special birthday tribute show on radioShirley
but mr.K insisted that he put a brand new show together to honour Gay Carrington’s
birthday. And I must say, though I had no hand nor glove in this one, he’s done a f
abulous job in bringing together a gorgeous selection of tunes that, like Gay, evoke
Gay days gone by. Classics like Sarah Vaughan, Nancy Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Phyllis Diller,
Rita Hayworth, Dean Martin, Ella Mae Morse, Carol Burnett and Julie Andrews and many
other top shelf, cream of of the crop stars feature in the following 40 or so minutes.

So Gay, mr.K and myself wish you the happiest of days and we’re both so glad to have
you back in our collective orbit darling, you star of stars!! XX

Shirleyphiles, click stream or download below and please do join us in raising a
Martini in salute to the stunning, edgy, creative and timeless beauty that is :::
Gay Carrington!!

Until next time kids, take care and play fair!
*be smooched*
radioShirl and mr. Kenneth


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  1. hold up hold up i’m geting all out of puff a little behind all of a flutter… i can’t keep up with all the thrills round here

  2. its a fascinatin’ rhythm, darlin’! x

  3. A fabulous mix, worthy of our beloved Miss Carrington!

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