14:12:12 :::: radioShirley presents TONGUE TIED!

pic by Nina_H

Greetings radioShirleyphiles and welcome to another 45 minutes of aural hijinx!

As the previous show was all about being struck mute and rather mental in the
instrumental department, I decided to un-gag the manservant (despite his
protestations to the contrary) and request … no … demand … that he get working
on a show that was the polar opposite. Yes. I want talk. Yes. I want to hear words.
Yes. I want to delight in the jeux avec la langue that some of the more intrepid
daredevils of the musical and poetry world have gifted us. Oh, don’t worry.
Don’t worry. Don’t worry as Yoko shrieks. This episode is no unrelenting highbrow
literary POESIA SONORA that will have you chewing your tongue off and throwing
it to the dogs of onomatopoeia. Especially when there are the likes of radioShirl’s
favourite local nautical naughties like THE GOOD SHIP thrown into the aural soup
just to bring it down and pepper it up to your taste.

So Shirleyphiles, its time to lubricate your collective glotti, and practice your best
mannered Laurie Anderson “Are you talking to me or are you just practicing for
one of those performances of yours?” vocal stylings with a toothbrush in hand
while Laurie, Patti, Yoko, Gertrude, Lucky, Brian, Diane, Hank, Morphine, Andy,
the fabulous Wierdos and a cast of many throw a hatful of syllables into your
ear canals!

Until next time, take care and play fair!

*be smooched*
radioShirl and mr.Kenneth


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