26:12:12 :::: radioShirley presents MEGAMIX 2012


Greetings radioShirleyphiles and welcome to a HUGE show!

This one was originally mixed back in 2003 and sent across the globe to a
number of radioShirley subscribers in CD format as a gift for their support
and enthusiasm for the shows presented thus far. Presented then as
‘a radioShirley kind of Christmas’ there are a few seasonal tunes done in the
radioShirley style peppered throughout but as you’ve come to expect, the
whole show is a grab bag of eclectic tunes and soundbytes peeled, chopped
and thrown into some weird blender with mr.K’s finger firmly positioned
on the ‘pulse’ button.

I’ve had a listen back to it and the manservant has persuaded me to upload
it for you all to enjoy and download as a gesture of thanks for your continued
support as radioShirley enters its 11th year … yes 11 years of having you
itching and twitching on the netwaves! So consider this OUR 10th anniversary!
Thank you!

We’ve broken it up into easily digestible bite size pieces for your maximum
aural nourishment to listen to and download. There are so many artistes in
this show that it is nigh impossible to list them all. So, the suggested way
to approach this MEGAMIX is as a lucky dip straight off the slipmat of
love from us to you!

From mr.K and yours, truly, madly and deeply, we wish you the very best
for a fabulous year ahead and thank you for your tuning in from here, from
mixcloud and jumping into the impromptu live streams on our mixlr station.
We hope to do more of these live streams as a regular occurrence as they’ve
been so much fun having listeners in the room chatting with us, requesting
tunes and generally just being naughty as we do this thing.

remember, take care and play fair!

*be smooched*
mr.K & radioShirl


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