11:02:2013 ::: radioShirley presents “Sonny & Shirl sing a Duet for You!”


Greetings radioShirleyphiles and welcome to 40 minutes or so of double trouble!

mr.K & myself don’t produce as many shows celebrating birthdays as we use to
but the subjects of this show – repurposed as it is from a show originally broadcast
back in 2006 – are the exception! Indeed, the subjects in question are exceptional!
Shirleyphiles, let me introduce you to the dynamic duo that is Max & Maya!

Max & Maya are identical twins from the UK who have started a project called
which is an organisation “that is dedicated to encouraging and supporting
all lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, questioning & intersex (LGBTQ&I) people to be
proud of who they are, helping raise self esteem and self worth in such individuals
and being part of a social and cultural change that makes it safe for LGBTQ&I
people to be proud.”

I stumbled across their project via Twitter in 2012 when a tweet of support from
none other than Stephen Fry came through my twitter stream. A little searching
here and there and lo and behold, mr.K noticed that Max & Maya were going on air,
in just a few hours to deliver their weekly radio show from Devon in the U.K.
We decided, after a coffee or three to stay up late – after all it was going to air at
four in the morning (radioShirley time) – and listen in on their live stream. In that
particular show, they were interviewing a local trans identity, Shirley.
Shirley?! Shirley?!! Well, you could have blown me over with the synchronicity of
it all – except I was sitting up in bed with bed with mr.K who was firmly attached to
his pince-nez and pouring over some dreary work-related academic paper.

Of course, I had to tweet through to Max & Maya while they were on air and let them
know that there was another Shirley out there listening in from Australia! Ha!
They were thrilled and the spookiness of the situation was not lost on them or
their guest du jour! *radioShirley waves hello to her Devon namesake*

Since then, mr.K and yours truly have been avid followers of the project, listening
live whenever we can but always making sure to catch up with the fabulous
Proud2Be podcasts. They’re a weekly highlight for us. Max & Maya are so funny!
So informative and give great interview! We’ve been back and forth to them
with a tweet here, a tweet there or a drop a post or two on their Facebook page.

Max & Maya’s Proud2Be project has been steadily gaining significant exposure
especially in the UK. Already having been nominated for a Princes Trust Award,
(btw, mr.K is wondering he says when I’m going to be nominated for a Princess
Trust Award) we’re just thrilled to bits that they’ve been nominated for a
National Diversity Award for their work to date. Check out their project website,
the fantastic videos people have been submitting and they’re own weekly youtube moments
and like them on Facebook. Staring into the tea leaves, I suspect that 2013 will shape up to be a very very big year for these two. Their dance card is filling up rather nicely thank you very much!

So radioShirleyphiles, please join me in wishing the gorgeous Max & Maya of the
Proud2Be Project, a super duper birthday by grabbing a significant other, be it
animal, vegetable, mineral, human or battery powered and settle back for
45 minutes of low-fi lovliness as yours truly & mr.K, madly and deeply celebrate
the power of two with a collection jam packed with other terrific twosomes!

Until next time, take care and play fair!

*be smooched*
radioShirl and mr.Kenneth

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  1. We are absolutely bowled over by your lovely words xx What an absolutely wonderful bday present!! a million thank you’s xxxxxxx

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