02:03:13 In a Sentimental Mood with Shirl


Greetings radioShirleyphiles and welcome to another 40 minutes or so of <insert your favourite genre here>

It may be due to the rather gloomy rainy weather we’re experiencing here in the environs of Casa Shirl, but in this show, radioShirl gets down to a few deep and meaningfuls via a few tunes that have, at one time or another, had her dissolve into a puddle of tears. After all this time and repeated listens, some of them still hold a transformative power that has her well up and mop up an absolute torrent of mascara!

Now, I hear you guffaw as you look down the list of artists in this episode, “Burl Ives!?” Yes indeed! The particular Burl Ives track in this show once drove Shirl to tears … though maybe not for the same reason as it may drive yourselves. To each their own and the significance of that song to radioShirl is her little secret. Mind you, the manservant just put it down to me being … “overtired”.

Whether its catharsis, melancholy, a healthy dose of solipsism, a momentary-charged lyric or just a gorgeous string arrangement that sets me off, your favourite sob sister, radioShirl likes nothing more than have a good howl once in a while. Its healthy, right? Just like a Carrot Dacquiri!

So, tissues at the ready my low-fi luvverlies and do … take a moment once in a while to wonder where the time goes

*be smooched*
radioShirl and mr.K

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