11:05:13 ::: radioShirley presents Carry On Shirley!


Greetings Shirleyphiles!
Welcome to another 40 minutes of lo-fi lovliness and
how bona to varda your dolly old eeks!!

This show has a rather large ooo-er factor and is dedicated to all those who
enjoy a little something of the double entendre. That is all of you cheeky
blighters, right? We suspect it will have each and every one of you slapping
your thighs and pursing your lips in a collective nirvana of “Carry On” proportions.

Its a rather saucy little selection this time around with Julian and Sandy aka
Kenneth Williams and Hugh Paddick, John Inman, Rita Hayworth, Bette Midler,
Rambling Syd Rumpo aka Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims, Blossom Dearie,
Barbara Stanwyck, Benny Hill, Anthony Newley and Noel Coward all doing their
very best to make you raise one eyebrow and cross your legs at the same time!

Until next time, take absolute care and play fair!
radioShirl and mr. Kenneth


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  1. nqwhquiwhd heh


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