19:06:13 :::: Under the Covers with radioShirl!


Greetings Shirleyphiles and welcome to another 45 minutes of low-fi lovliness!

As they say down at my local, its getting a little chilly downunder so I’m
hunkering down under the doona with hot Toddy while mr.Kenneth blows up a
storm out in the garden with a leaf blower. So while the manservant is all en plein air,
and I’m one with the spirit, I thought I’d rustle up from under the bedsheets a few
favourite cover songs that have been keeping my tootsies all toasty of late.

I’m fortunate that my bed is an extra large queen size because with the likes
of Rock Hudson, Doris Day, Mae West, Human League, Bryan Ferry (stop it, Bryan),
Paul Revere & The Raiders, Tim Curry, Blossom Dearie, the gorgeous boys from
Suede, The Residents and a host of others rolling around at my feet, there is hardly
any room left for me to finish this sentence!

Until next time lovelies, get rosy and cosy with yours truly & mr.K
as we explore just what this lot are doing to … and under the covers!

*be smooched*
mr.K & radioShirl

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