14:07:13 ::: radioShirley presents ‘The Attack of the 50 Foot Francophile!”


Greetings Shirleyphiles!
 Welcome to another 45 minutes of lo-fi loveliness!

Its that time of year again when mr.K & yours truly, madly and deeply pay
homage to those purveyors of fromage, the French!

As explained last year, this is a tradition here at Chez Shirl but we really have
no idea why except to say we love a good accent that curls our toes and nothing
tangles my tootsies like mr.K, ma cherie, when he gets all Gomez Adams with me.
Ooh la la!

This is quite the trés mix eclectic, as you regular radioShirleyphiles have come to
expect. With a lineup including Brigette Fontaine, Grace Jones, Charles Aznavour,
France Gall, Eartha Kitt, Les Negresses Vertes, Phonoboy, Nouvelle Vague and
far too many more to mention, we hope this show will have you swinging from
the chandelier!

We also have a special treat from long time Shirleyphile and authentic Frenchman,
Pierre Veinante with his band, Les Mygales détendues (their Facebook page lists
their interests as ‘Neurosciences and Rock’) – who perform a fabulous cover version
LIVE in the science lab of the ‘Téléphone’ hit, ‪Ça (C’est Vraiment Toi)‬.
This my friends, is what happens when French Neuroscientists get down! Magnifique!
A special mention must also go out to Crispin for getting Shirl back on the horse like
the Lady Godiva she is, and inspiring my manservant, mr.K, to cook up a new edition
for the 2013 Bastille Day celebrations. Merci, mr.C!

Until next time Shirleyphiles, take absolute care and play fair!

radioShirl and mr. Kenneth

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