14:09:13 ::: radioShirley presents Rosscoe & Shirl’s GLITTER ROLLER DISCO!


Greetings Shirleyphiles!
 Welcome to another 45 minutes of lo-fi loveliness!

A few weeks ago on a particularly sunny Saturday afternoon, the manservant
was chatting on Facebook with long time radioShirleyphile and production
designer extraordinaire, the fabulous Ross Wallace. In response to a video Ross
posted, they started rapping about those teenage salad days in the 70’s at the
roller skating rink … or at the ice rink in the manservant’s case. Unlike Rosscoe
who apparently could, “Go backwards and everything!” in high heels even at that
tender age, mr.K spent most of the time flat on his backside on the ice, squealing
in horror with his hands clasped to his chest as everyone else sped on round and
around him like a teenage rampage on blades!

Naturally, both boys being big music fans and both a little bit disco and a little bit
rock’n’roll, the chat turned to the music that used to accompany them while they
channeled their inner Torville and Deans at said circular pleasure domes! And then,
in the spirit of Mickey & Judy’s “Let’s put on a show?!”, crowdsourcing and co-curation,
mr.K & Rosscoe put down a wishlist on that Facebook thread of roller disco faves and …
wham bam thank you ma’am!, Rosscoe & Shirl’s Glitter Roller Disco was hatched!

Its a veritable cavalcade of 70’s disco and glam fabulousness mr.K and myself
with our very special guest presenter, Rosscoe have put together for you this time
around! For goodness sakes, this show even features Linda Blair in a classic of the
roller skating film genre, ‘Roller Boogie’. If its not a genre, it certainly will be
considered as such by the end of this show.

So Shirleyphiles, as Sir Monti Rock III proclaims in the Disco Tex & The Sex-o-Lettes
hit, ‘Get Dancin’, “Nobody cares how you wear your hair, darling!” when you hit the
play button below and tippy toe tappy your toe stops at
Rosscoe & Shirl’s Glitter Roller Disco!

Until next time, take care and remember, play fair!
be smooched
radioShirl & mr.K

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  1. wiggi

    Woo Hoo, Excellent

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