29:09:13 radioShirley presents ‘John, I’m Only Dancing’

pics by greg z & vmiramontes

Greetings Shirleyphiles and welcome to another 40 minutes or so of low-fi luvliness!

This show is for all the ‘Johns’ out there. Now don’t get the wrong idea listeners.
I’m talking about the “Johns” who possess that moniker as their first name and
also those, though not necessarily mutually related, ‘Johns’ in the Jane Fonda
“Klute” kind of way. Certainly not ‘Johns’ in the bathroom sense. Heaven forbid
that we should stoop to toilet humour on radioShirl!

John is a name that positively oozes melodrama don’t you think? We’re thinking
of “Dear John” letters and those teenage heartbreak songs about quiffed, leather
jacketed two timing hunks to songs that describe a certain kind of man with a
dark brown voice and slightly dangerous demeanour. Yes, where tears and torment
are involved in the culture of pop my dears, there is usually a ‘John’ or ‘Johnny’
involved in the sordid tale! Mark my words!

So, in this spirit, Mr.Kenneth and I have compiled a show chock a block full of Johns!
There’s a ‘John’ of some shape and size mentioned in each and every song. A word
of warning though, if you have ever had an, how should we say, “encounter” with a
John, you may want to tune out here or on the other hand, pour a large drink, pick
up and pummel the nearest pillow for a little Gestalt therapy courtesy of us!
Yes, we at radioShirley pride ourselves in performing such a public service.

The artists featured in this show singing about their ‘Johns’ are Steeleye Span,
Chas Jankel, Small Faces, John and Yoko, Jimmy Dean, Joannie Sommers,
The Waterboys, David Bowie, Josie Cotton, The Andrew Sisters, Tony Randall and
Jack Klugman, Suicide, Bryan Ferry, Ask the Dust, Bette Midler, Odetta, Hank
Williams Snr. and the fabulous Frances Faye! Only one certified ‘John’ amongst
them! And no, Jack Klugman doesn’t count so don’t even think of going there!

till next time, take care and play fair.

*be smooched*
radioShirl and mr.K

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