12:11:13 radioShirley presents FRUITY!


In the words of the thoroughly fruity Phyllis Diller, “Are you ready for this?”
because radioShirleyphiles, the manservant and I have dished up a fruit salad
of a show of smorgasbord proportions for you this time around! That WAS a
mouthful wasn’t it?

Why? Well, I love fruit. There I’ve said it. When all is said and done, if you put
a zucchini alongside a banana you know which one I’ll be wrapping my paws
around don’t you? As for mr.Kenneth, he doesn’t think I’m onto his late night
excursions into the kitchen, but I am! At first I thought he
was just being conscientious prepping my breakfast Bloody Mary a few hours
early, but oh no. The whiff of dirty roadhouse melon on his breath in the
morning always gives it away! And if he thinks I’m going to believe that old
lemon of a line about lipstick on his collar when I know damn well its a sly
raspberry stain, he’s got another thing coming. I shouldn’t be too harsh really
… at least our love of fruit is something we both can share if only he’d learn to.

And share we will! From Barbra Streisand rubbing ‘it’ – whatever ‘it’ is – on her
belly like Guava Jelly to peeling a grape with the delightful Blossom Dearie to
Josephine Baker imploring us not to touch her tomatoes to Tiny Tim drinking
some Strawberry Tea, we can guarantee that you’ll find it difficult to find those
car keys you’ve tossed into our collective fruit bowl of love whilst smoothying
yourself in some random act of tropicalism!

So until next time kids, take care, play fair and don’t forget to spit out the pips
that life may serve up!
*be smooched*
radioShirl & mr.K

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  1. LaShirl, you’re the apple in my eye and the strwberry in my champagne – just the thing for a Friday of a busy week! *MWAH*

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