17: 03 :14 :::: radioShirley Cooks Up a Storm!

Greetings Shirleyphiles!
Well it has been a while between drinks what with this and that but rest assured,
yours truly and the manservant have not gone anywhere! We’re still here and we’d
like to direct you over to a fabulous new blog called Cooking Up a Storm to check
out a very special mix that we’ve laid down on those pages.

We were rather chuffed to be invited to contribute to the March edition of said blog
and boy oh boy, did we lay all the musical morsels on the table in our Polk Salad Shirley mix.
Its a smorgasbord of aural delights! So do troll on over … have a listen to what we dished
up and lend an ear to some of the other fabulous mixes on the site!
You’ll be going back for seconds, trust me!

Until next time,
as always, take care and play fair!
mr.K & radioShirl x

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