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Curved Radio is a platform for independent artists around the world to share music and cultural experiences from their region. The show streams weekly out of the 2SER 107.3 FM studios in Sydney, Australia each Sunday 11am-2am Monday Sydney, AU time and is broadcast nationally across Australia via the Community Radio Network.

Though currently in hiatus during 2018, you can follow Curved Radio via Facebook, listen to selected shows, special mixes and interviews via its Mixcloud page.

This page is a collection of most of mr.K‘s features he compiled for Curved Radio during 2013 and 2014. More features are on the Curved Radio Mixcloud page. As well as being a co-producer for the show with the legendary Gayle Austin, its an opportunity that appeals to his inner music nerd as he gets to research and talk about a particular artist/s or concept album in some depth.

This page is dedicated to the memory of Curved Radio’s producer in the Northern Hemisphere, Mark Janowiak.


Curved Radio : 28 January 2013 : Katie Lee – Songs of Couch and Consolation

In this, the first feature mr.K did for Curved Radio, he speaks with Gayle Austin and Maree Cunnington (aka dadamama) about the weather (as you do), what defines a ‘concept’ album and plays some songs from an album called ‘Songs of Couch and Consolation’ sung by Katie Lee.They discuss the work of Katie Lee, the curiousity of this album, Lee’s continuing work and activism as an early folk singer and also play a track from her Smithsonian Folkways recording, ‘Folk Songs of the Colorado River’.


Curved Radio : 10 February 2013 : The Legendary Marvin Pontiac

In this show, mr.K speaks with Gayle Austin and Maree Cunnington about the album, ‘The Legendary Marvin Pontiac’. They discuss fiction and identity and how it relates to the construct of this fictional performer, Marvin Pontiac. Devised by artist, John Lurie (of jazz ensemble Lounge Lizards), this Marvin Pontiac recording arrived on the scene much lauded and with an intricate biography of a performer who appeared to be lost to history. The promotional material on its release was supported by enthusiastic quotable quotes from the likes of David Bowie, Beck, Flea, Leonard Cohen and others all contributing to this elaborate conceit. Regardless of the enigmatic and highly constructed fiction, it is a remarkable recording. Tracks played are ‘Runnin’ Around’, ‘Wanna Wanna’ and ‘Small Car’.


Curved Radio : 22 April 2013 : Kevin Coyne & Dagmar Krause – BABBLE

In this show, mr.K speaks with Gayle Austin and Maree Cunnington about the album, ‘BABBLE – Songs for Lonely Lovers’, a late 70’s concept album which divided critics and fans alike because of the controversial nature of the subject matter and the pairing of these two unique talents. They also discuss Kevin Coyne’s extensive recording career, BABBLE’s staging as a theatrical production and its resulting controversy, and also this album’s influence on artists like Will Oldham aka Bonnie Prince Billy. Tracks played are ‘Are You Deceiving Me’, ‘Sweetheart’, ‘Shaking Hands With The Sun’ and ‘My MInd’s Joined Forces’.


Curved Radio : 22 July 2013 : Frank Tovey aka FAD GADGET

In this show, mr.K speaks with Gayle Austin about the work of pioneering electronic and performance artist, Frank Tovey aka Fad Gadget. They discuss his early work and influences, the early electro post punk scene in the UK playing tracks such as, ‘Back to Nature’ and ‘Collapsing New People’- breakthrough and archetypal recordings of the time which influenced many musicians from bands such as Depeche Mode to Einsturzende Neubaten. They also play a track from Tovey’s solo career, ‘Luxury’ and finish with a track from his later move back to roots music with band, Frank Tovey & The Pyros.


Curved Radio : 9 September 2013 : Paul Frees & The Poster People

mr.K and Gayle Austin have a natter – and more than few laughs as they chat about voice artist, Paul Frees and play selections from the recording, ‘Paul Frees and the Poster People’.


Curved Radio : 14 October 2013 : Justin Martell on Tiny Tim

mr.K interviews Justin Martell, Tiny Tim aficionado and the guy who conceived and commissioned this Tiny Tim wax cylinder release. Justin and mr.K talk about the manufacture and development of this release, some projects that focus on releasing obscure Tiny Tim recordings (and play a few rare tracks), about the artist and patron of Tiny Tim, Martin Sharp and also Justin’s forthcoming biography on Tiny Tim.


Curved Radio : 17 November 2013 : The Residents

In this show, mr.K speaks with Gayle Austin about The Residents and plays tracks from their ‘The American Composers Series’ albums Volume 1 & 2 which explore the music of James Brown, George Gershwin, John Phillip Sousa & Hank Williams Snr.


Curved Radio : 27 January 2014 : Judy Nylon & Patti Palladin aka SNATCH

In this show, mr.K speaks with Gayle Austin & Maree Cunnington about the work of artists, Judy Nylon & Patti Palladin aka SNATCH, their significance as collaborators and their enduring influence as movers and shakers in the London / NY music arts scene during the mid 1970s & early 1980’s. Tracks played are Shopping for Clothes / Stanley (SNATCH), Information Rain from Judy Nylon’s solo album, Pal Judy and their collaboration with Brian Eno, R.A.F.. The opening track is Andrea Schroeder‘s version of Helden (Heroes) by David Bowie.


Curved Radio : 17 March 2014 : Raymond Scott – Manhattan Research Inc. spot

In this show, mr.K speaks with Gayle Austin & Maree Cunnington about the work of Raymond Scott with a particular focus on his pioneering electronic compositions and inventions during the 1950’s and 1960’s. Tracks played are ‘Powerhouse’ (1937) and various selections from the 2CD set, Manhattan Research Inc. (2000)


Curved Radio : 14 April 2014 : Peggy Lee – MIRRORS

In this show, mr.K speaks with Gayle Austin about the extraordinary suite of Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller songs on the Peggy Lee album, Mirrors released in 1975. They discuss the cult status that this uncharacteristic album, in regards to Peggy Lee’s output, has acquired over the years, the difficult recording sessions and dig into some of the unconventional and diverse subject matter behind the songs. Tracks played are : Ready to Begin Again (Manya’s Song) / Professor Hauptmann’s Performing Dogs / I Remember / Tango.


Curved Radio : 09 June 2014 : Interview with Silver Sircus

In this show, mr.K interviews Lucinda Shaw & James Lees from the Brisbane ensemble, Silver Sircus via Skype. Lucinda and James share insights about the songwriting process, the history of Silver Sircus, their influences, the new material and discuss a rare and forthcoming performance of Silver Sircus at the Queensland Cabaret Festival 2014 at the Brisbane Powerhouse. Tracks played are : Sleepwalker / Dust / What is a Witch?

Listen to and purchase more Silver Sircus gorgeousness from here :


Curved Radio : 23 June 2014 : Ivor Cutler

In this show, mr.K talks to Gayle Austin about the life and work of the Scottish humorist, musician and writer, Ivor Cutler. They discuss Cutler’s propensity for ‘the small things’, his story telling, his songs and play a wide selection of tracks from across his career.


Curved Radio : 26 August 2014 : Lily May Ledford & The Coon Creek Girls

In this show, mr.K talks to Gayle Austin about the music of Lily May Ledford and The Coon Creek Girls who were a trailblazing all female string band playing traditional Appalachian music who began their careers in 1930’s America and are highly regarded as influential performers on the Barn Dance Radio circuit from 1937 until the late 1950’s and on subsequent musicians in this genre.


Curved Radio : 22 September 2014 : BNE project : Interview with Dennis Remmer

In this show, mr.K talks to Dennis Remmer from Transmission Communications, an independent record label based in Brisbane about the BNE Project which celebrates 35 years of independent electronic music production in Brisbane from 1979 to 2014, through the release of a hardcover book and unique music archive featuring 140 bands & artists and over 260 tracks.

A selection of tracks from the archive are played under the interview. Track played in full : 4.7 by Electropulse
For more information on this project :
TransCom label home :


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